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TOOLBOX® Big Grip® Shop Towels Bucket with Mounting Bracket

The Big Grip Bucket is water resistant, durable, refillable and it’s got a Big Grip handle so you can carry to any task, anywhere. Now we’ve added a groove to the handle that allows you to slide on a new and exclusive dispenser mount.

The result is that you have a bucket that can be easily carried for remote use and that can also be placed into the wall mount for both local usage and store.

Big Grip® Bucket is reusable and once shop towels inside are gone replace multiple times with Refills for the Big Grip® Bucket.

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TOOLBOX® Z400 Big Grip® Bucket Blue Shop Towels
TOOLBOX® Z400 Big Grip® Bucket Blue Shop Towels
Type: Buckets
Size: 10" X 13"
Qty: 200 sheets/bucket
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How To Purchase Product
- TOOLBOX® Big Grip® Bucket Blue Shop Towels are perfect for jobs outside or wet work sites as it is designed to keep your towels clean and dry until they are needed

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